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"Will to Power"

We Will Change the World

8/9/11 07:10 pm - Bored....

Thank goodness this wretched summer is almost at an end. It has taken every ounce of self control in me to not simply run away. However, one must be prudent and prudence calls for a means of supporting myself outside this despicable Muggle world. I have, of course, put in a few applications for a part-time position. I should have plenty of time for one now that I am on a specialized schedule.
I am still considering what major I should take. They're all so fascinating...well...almost all. The major in Muggle relations is, I think, absolutely insulting! What real witch or wizard would lower themselves to such a position! Though some, I'm sure, are lured into the lie that it is a "dignified" or even "honourable" and "commendable" thing to do. I think it is the biggest tragedy to ever enter into our world. "Muggle relations" indeed...I can think of quite a few better things we could do in relating to Muggles than what that class will sanction as beneficial. Who teaches that class anyway?
I greatly miss the company of my friends at Hogwarts. This place has been so...boring. Of course I'm still being treated as a child since for some reason Muggle custom says I'm not an adult until 18 years. Which won't be until next year! (ooc: I *think*. If he turned 17 at the beginning of this year anyway....but I'm not sure how old he was when he started Hogwarts? He had to still be underage when the Gaunt thing happened but...how would that work if he still had the trace? Unless he did that after he was 17? HOW OLD AM I PEOPLE???)
Needless to say, I'm finished with this place, and if I get a job, I shan't return ever again. But I am returning to Hogwarts. There's much to be done still. And I am looking forward to every minute spent among my equals and fellow students. Perhaps I'll look into becoming a teacher there. That would be fun, wouldn't it?
Well, I'm off to do some mundane Muggle chores. Maybe I'll fascinate them all by letting some magic loose, though the owner or babysitter of this accursed orphanage has forbidden me to do so. She's simply jealous, I suspect. After all, wouldn't all hell break lose if I were to usurp her meager authority here with my little tricks? As if I'd even care to. If I had my way, the place would be burned to the ground.
Well, I can still dream...

2/3/11 09:18 pm - Thoughts

I have been pondering something interesting as of late. It never occurred to me until recently to research the philosophy of the commonwealth until I realized how many great philosophers, Muggle and wizard alike, that touch on the subject. What amazes me is how many of them seem to say the same thing, which is that the best government is one under one ruler. Plato, Cicero, and Hobbes all seemed to agree on this point and not only on this but that worst sort of government one can have is the democracy. Their reasoning is this: that one man will better have the interests of his people at heart, be as a father to them, and will be quick to act having all power as his. He will be able to unite the commonwealth easily and will hold the respect of the people for his entire reign, especially if he is chosen from among them as a man of exceptional skill and character.
As for democracy (and to an extent oligarchy as well) all power is divided and, therefore, so is the country. Laws take longer to pass, each man seeks after his own gain, there is no respect for anyone, and in the end all one can hope for is anarchy.

I thought it quite enlightening. Of course, our administration is already a sort of monarchy, so I suppose we wizards have little to fear?

1/18/11 10:25 am

I apologize for my absence, but the reason happens to be quite serious. I wish that all pay attention to what I am about to tell you.
Just before the holidays, I was severely attacked by an unknown person in the same manner and fashion as James Potter a few weeks ago. I do not remember much except for hearing vaguely a high voice casting a spell I could not make out, most likely a female voice, and after that I recall nothing except waking up in the hospital wing. It was lucky that Severus found me when he did or the effects may have been mortal.
It would appear that someone is out for blood or is addicted to some sick sort of prank. I have no idea who but be forewarned, I will find you . This is not acceptable.
I urge all students as a Prefect to report to me or others in charge anything suspicious, to walk the halls in groups, and to be sure to educate yourself on defense.
I have no idea what someone would have against James and I, but it should not require near deadly conduct. I, certainly, would never resort to such behavior.

As a result of this, I was stuck in the hospital wing for days and, except for attending Godric's lovely party, I was forced to stay out of sight for my own safety until everyone had returned to school to ensure that I would not be found on my own again. I apologize again for my absence, but it was certainly not without reason.

1/1/11 06:29 pm - Christmas Present!

Here is my computer gift!

A DesktopCollapse )

Gift #2 I don't have a picture of but includes (if you're comfortable giving me your address) homemade peanut butter fudge (unless you're allergic to peanuts in which case I'll find something else XD), tea (or coffee, your choice), and a letter from me! ^^ Merry Christmas!!!

12/28/10 08:55 pm - PRESENTS!!!!

*backlogged to Christmas**

To Lucius:

Leather gloves, for nice occasions, with a silver snake pattern wrapped around the wrists.

To Draco:

A cane topped with a silver skull (can't match his brother exactly because neither would like that too much).

To Narcissa, Andromeda, and Ginny:

A bouquet of roses bewitched to glisten and to have different patterns on the petals. Narcissa's are blue, Andromeda's are purple, and Ginny's are obviously red and have a note included, "Hope these bring a smile to your face. Looking forward to seeing you again. Yours truly, Tom"

To Snape:

A flask of basilisk venom with a note, "I'm sure you can find a use for this in your experiments. Just don't ask where I got it! Yours, Tom"

To Percy (yes he got you something as you amuse him):

A copy of Nietzche's book, Beyond Good and Evil with a note, "Something I think you would appreciate. Looking forward to our next clash! ~ Tom"

To Scorpius:

An assortment of candy's from Honeyduke's (Tom knows he's not quite like the other Malfoy's and was, therefore, uncertain as to what to get him. XD).

To Bellatrix:

A note that simply says, "Meet me in front of the girl's bathroom on the second floor tonight for your gift. Don't tell anyone! Yours truly, Tom"

((ooc: we'll rp that as soon as we're done with our current misdeeds XD)

To Fenrir:

A hunting knife with a snake etched into the blade complete with a leather sheath that attaches magically to the inside of a shoe or pant leg and contains a charm to shield it from detection from Muggle technology or magical sensors. ((ooc: GO SNEAK ON AIRPLANES WITH IT!!!))

To Gellert:

A bunch of pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese icing (obviously store bought, you think Tom cooks?) beiwtched to scream at anyone who tries to eat them aside from Gellert with a note the says, "I heard you liked sweets. I hope these suit your taste! Hope we can get together soon! ~ Tom"

((ooc: I THINK I got everyone but if you think Tom would send you something, please let me know!!!))

12/18/10 10:02 pm - Holiday Spirit

Studying is winding down, and I'm finding the holidays to actual look quite cheerful, though really anything is better than going to a Muggle orphanage. I am somewhat envious of everyone getting together for Christmas parties at their homes, but really I think Christmas at Hogwarts this year will be glorious. Some of my dear friends are staying as well, and I do believe I shall be able to get much accomplished.
Speaking of, Severus I really need to speak with you. Same place as last time would be fine.

Anyway, I recently received a letter from a Muggle I knew at that god-forsaken orphanage. I'm not entirely sure why she writes me, but I thought I would share the letter for some entertainment.

Letter from a MuggleCollapse )

How quaint. She sent me a book by a St. Thomas Aquinas with a dedication written in it that she hopes I can relate to another great man named Tom. I think she's trying to make me into a good, Christian muggle or something. Silly girl always was clinging to her crucifix every night. Such a simpleton, yet her admiration isn't entirely out of place. Muggles should be in awe of us, I think, as we're the only ones that can really solve their problems and help them fulfill their roles in nature. Still, the letter did make me chuckle. I had almost forgotten about her. My owl must still be in the habit of flying back to that orphanage every so often. I hope that habit ends soon. I doubt I'll respond to her though. I really do not want to be associated with that place in any way whatsoever.

11/26/10 08:10 pm - Well, well....

Apparently holing oneself up to study for N.E.W.T.s means missing out on quite catastrophic events. I quite enjoyed studying with a certain someone a few days ago, however. It helped me about as much as it did yourself, if not more. ((ooc: Ginny, he means you. I thought for simplicity's sake we could say the meeting already happened with no major outcomes, but we can always do a second date. Sorry I disappeared on you! ))
This new turn of events, however, has made me think that perhaps as a House we Slytherins should band together. I should like to discuss this further with my fellow Slytherin Prefects. After all, if someone is daft enough to be attacking Potter then who knows when it will be one of us. Do not be alarmed, however. I have some ideas. ((ooc: and yes he does suspect a Slytherin attacked James, but does not know who yet.))

I will also begin finding time to help you with your research Gellert. Do not think N.E.W.T.s are so important that this has slipped my mind.

I am also staying behind this Christmas as usual, so if anyone else is in need of company, I would be more than happy to oblige.

11/19/10 11:11 pm - Sharing Some Wisdom

Rereading some old books I found at the Muggle orphanage a few summers ago. I highly doubt these authors were really Muggles. They know too much...too much that falls in the favour of us as wizards. Here is one excerpt I am particularly fond of:

"Where pity and fellow suffering is preached today...he will hear a hoarse, groaning, genuine note of self-contempt. It is part of that darkening and uglification of Europe which has now been going on for a hundred years... if it is not the cause of it! The man of 'modern ideas', that proud ape, is immoderately dissatisfied with himself: that is certain. He suffers: and his vanity would have him only 'suffer with his fellows'...
Our pity is a more elevated, more faresighted pity-we see how man is diminishing himself, how you are diminishing him!-and there are times when we behold your pity with an indescribably anxiety, when we defend ourselves against this pity- when we find your seriousness more dangerous than any kind of frivolity. You want if possible-and there is no madder 'if possible'- to abolish suffering; and we?-it really does seem that we would rather increase it and make it worse than it has ever been! Wellbeing as you understand it- that is no goal, that seems to us an end! ...The discipline of suffering, of great suffering-do you not know that it is this discipline alone which has created every elevation of mankind hitherto?"

Just a taste of all the riches in this book. Makes one think...are we the us or are we the you being addressed in this passage? And which should we be? Not easy lessons to learn, but lessons that shall set us free!

I have so much more to say. So much has happened. So many people have fallen into my life as of late...I shall need more time to collect my thoughts. For now, be satisfied with the passage I have lovingly reproduced here for you and, perhaps, will do once again.

((ooc: ten points if you know who I quoted. 20 if you know which book.))

11/15/10 08:53 pm - Notice

Fenrir, I think you and I need to talk. Can I meet you in the common room after dinner?

11/12/10 07:14 pm - OOC

Just making sure everyone's on the same page:

We/I decided that right now all anyone knows is that Tom is a descendant of the Slytherins but his blood status hasn't been revealed. I suppose most people assume he's pure blood but that's up to your characters. Tom knows his status (in fact JUST learned it earlier this year) but hasn't revealed that to anyone... yet .

Ok, carry on.
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